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Mighty Midget

Mighty Midget Model 60

From Prototype to medium run production, the Mighty Midget will give you the competitive edge. The possibilities are endless!

Precise Bends
Quick Setup
Quality You Can Rely On!

Each component is designed to provide years of dependable service. The exclusive toggle action and micro adjustment assures precise bends every time. All models feature hardened and ground tables, rams, and die holders.

The Model 70 offers high speed pneumatic operation. It comes complete with safety interlock, for manual operation, and standard tooling.

Features and Specifications

Portable / bench mounted
Bends rod, wire, and strip
* Stakes, forms, embosses, punches, and cuts
(* Special tooling may be required. Contact us with your requirements. )
Hardened and ground steel base, ram, and die holder.
Precise adjustable toggle action. Standard tooling includes stop rod assembly, one bending mandrel assembly with support, die shim, and four allen wrenches.

Bend Capacity:

Model 60/70:
1/8" x 1" or 1/4" dia. steel

Model 30:
1/16" x 1/2" or 1/8" dia. steel


                            Model 30      5.5 lbs. net
                                          6.5 lbs. shipping          
                            Model 60     45.0 lbs. net
                                         50.0 lbs. shipping
                            Model 70     55.0 lbs. net
                                         60.0 lbs. shipping

To meet your special applications, we will design and build custom tooling. Ask for details!

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