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J. E. Miller, Inc.
747 West Manlius Street
East Syracuse, New York 13057-2177
Phone: (315) 437-6811 Quote: (800) 298-0452
Fax: (315) 463-4597

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J. E. Miller's diversified product line serves a wide range of industries. Our versatile tools are used by manufacturers, technicians, and engineers who seek not only durability and precision but also the dividends of increased productivity.

Our approach to quality includes TQM and statistical process methods. We team human expertise with the latest in high-tech equipment. We are a certified Quality Supplier to many recognized industry leaders and meet stringent military standards.

Our customers rely on state-of-the-art technologies combined with a pragmatic sensitivity to budget and delivery requirements.

We've built testing and electronic equipment, training simulators, complete product assemblies and tiny sub assemblies.

We are experts in working specialty metals, including titanium, stainless steel, inconel and others

Some of our products

Bending and forming devices refrigeration tools Steam Monitor Pressure Switch
The Mighty Midget
Bending and forming devices
Retubing Equipment
Refrigeration tools
Steam Monitor Pressure Switch The Simple Switch
Pressure control devices